Our Mission

To make people more productive by enabling technology to millions. We strive to create the best experiences on mobile and desktop for those who want to be more productive.

Amat El Mazhoud

CEO / Founder

At Tydoe, success is not measured in tens of millions of downloads. What gets us out of bed is hearing how our apps change lives every day.

For us, it's never about the money.

 It’s about the ways we can make a real impact, a difference in your lives. Of course, not everything works.

We’ve actually retired a number of apps over the years, including one that took over nine months of work and never shipped.

Moving forward

Tydoe started as a crazy idea. Today, it’s become the most incredible thing we’ve ever done, and we owe it all to our customers.

Where are we going next?

our apps are now the world-class products that power entire businesses and compete with the biggest and best companies on a global scale. We're dedicated to make t the best solution for work across all platforms and that's our goal.